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St Luke's School

St Luke's School

School Improvement Plan

The school improvement plan (SIP) is the school's strategic plan for improvement. It sets out the actions the school will take to improve learner outcomes.

Here is an outline of the SIP for St Luke's School for 2020/2021:


  • Children’s attainment in Maths to be accurately assessed as in line with statistical neighbours.
  • Children’s attainment in Reading & Writing to be in line with Jersey averages.
  • Children make rapid progress to catch up on low prior attainment due to lessons proceeding at a sufficient pace.
  • The school’s curriculum is strategically mapped, using children’s prior attainment, and is accessible to all abilities to ensures that lessons are pitched correctly enabling children to progress quickly and appropriately from their initial starting point.

Behaviour, personal development and welfare

  • The children’s attitude to learning and standard of work in their books reflect the school’s high expectations.
  • Children clearly articulate their experience/understanding of bullying and the schools work around anti-bullying and approaches to tackling any instances of bullying in school.

Impact of teaching

  • High standards and presentation of work are an expectation of all teachers in every lesson.
  • Teachers use Action Research to enhance feedback provided to children, which develops school policy to impact on all children.  
  • Children use feedback effectively with clear progress and improvements evident in the children’s books.
  • More able pupils receive consistently more challenging work to extend their attainment.