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St Luke's School

St Luke's School



Oracy is a key element to our whole curriculum where children learn to talk and learn through talk.

We believe that every voice in our school community should be heard and valued. 

We want all of our pupils to access and progress in a language rich environment which enables them to achieve, access opportunities, and develop personally, socially and academically.


We are a Voice21 School which means we are committed to developing oracy teaching and learning across our school, enabling all of our pupils to access and benefit from a high-quality oracy education.

Talk has a central role to our approach to teaching and learning. We are intentional and deliberate in teaching of vocabulary from Nursery to Year 6.  We use a variety of Voice21 structures to support different types of talk and develop opportunities for children to perform and present their ideas and learning using their skills and knowledge in effective speaking and listening.

We believe that oracy enables children to learn to talk and learn through talk - it helps to consolidate learning, build and challenge on the ideas of others as well as their own, and helps children become articulate and effective communicators. 

Oracy has an important part to play in the Personal Development of our pupils. Through the teaching of oracy, we equip our pupils with the tools they need to be able to talk about their feelings and emotions which helps develop skills of self-regulation. 

We plan to develop oracy skills progressively - please see our Oracy Progression Map in the link at the bottom of this page to see how these skills develop and link with wider learning opportunities at school.