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St Luke's School

Flourish - Healthy School Lunches

Flourish - School Dinners

Please find below a copy of the latest menu and instructions on how to register for the school lunches.

Did you know?

In Jersey –

  • 1 in 3 11 year olds, will leave school overweight or obese and 85% of them remain that way into adult hood
  • Only 25% of children and young people are accessing their 5 fruits and vegetables a day
  • As many as 1,000 children may be going without a hot meal each day
  • 15% of adults don’t have the skills to cook a meal from scratch

We believe that sitting around a table, eating a nutritious meal is crucial to the development of healthy eating habits and social skills.  These are social skills which are nurtured in 76% of nursery settings in Jersey where hot meals are provided, only to be lost during the school years when children revert to packed lunches.


We are already seeing fantastic results!

This is a pioneering programme for Jersey, with States primary schools never having had a hot lunch provision before, so we have faced, and overcome, huge challenges to get this project off the ground.

Caring Cooks have been working on this project for nearly 2 years to develop an operating model that works.  Collaborating with the Government of Jersey, we have equipped both pilot schools with a commercial dishwasher, a servery and 2 dedicated Lunchtime Servers, to deliver nutritious hot lunches to children 5 days a week, 39 weeks of the year.

The meals are all freshly cooked, offsite, at our Eat Safe rated kitchen, and delivered hot and ready to serve to the schools each day in time for lunch.  All of our meals use ethically sourced meat and local ingredients wherever possible and are prepared by our professional kitchen team, led by award winning and renowned local Chef, Sarah Copp.

The parent feedback since the launch has been overwhelmingly positive, with uptake increasing from below 10% to almost 40% in both schools.

Child satisfaction is over 80% and parent feedback shows satisfaction levels of an incredible 99%.

“Thank you for this amazing opportunity, I hope the trial period goes beyond the pilot and across to every school in Jersey. When my daughter started at school it was very difficult as she came from a nursery that served hot meals for lunch and the transitional period was hard. So now she has hot lunches again, she is loving them and eating better again. She come home yesterday saying that she loved the chicken goujons so much that she left nothing on her plate.  Thank you once again, I am also loving the fact that I don’t have to think of a healthy pack lunch every day. Many thanks”

“My son is really enjoying these lunches. He has tried new things and has come home saying he loves them – plus no more packed lunch preparation for me!”

“I hope this gets extended to all schools, it would be great to have the option of hot, healthy lunches for all children”