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St Luke's School

St Luke's School

Emerging, Developing, Secure & Mastery explained

When we assess the children throughout their time with us we use evidence produced by the children (taken from their work in books for example) to make judgements about their current attainment and progress.

We use the following terms to describe their attainment:

Emerging Pupils have been taught the skill but rarely are able to apply their understanding

Developing Pupils begin to apply their understanding – this is usually with the support of a teacher or adult

Secure They are consistently working at this level.

Mastery Pupils are able to apply key skills across a range of curriculum areas without explicit teaching

The following is an example of some of the crieteria that we apply (although this is not an exhaustive list)

KPI = Key performance indicators these are the statements taken from the national curriculum that identify what a child should be able to do

A.R.E =  Age related expectations this is where pupils are expected to be working at the end of their year group, milestone or key stage

For a child to be assessed as working at the expected standard they will need to have achieved and have evidence of being able to work consistently at all the Key Performance Indicators.