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St Luke's School

St Luke's School


Education Welfare Officer (EWO)

My name is Vicki Frederick  and I am the Education Welfare Officer for St Luke School. I am part of the Education Welfare Team based at the Education Department. My role is to support and work with children, young people and families alongside the school to promote good attendance and punctuality.  When I’m not working I enjoy walking, cycling and spending time with my family.

Attendance and Punctuality

Every day matters at school. We have an expectation that all children will attend and be on time to School. However, we understand that, on occasions, children will become ill or need to attend a medical appointment. It is important that if your child cannot attend School, direct contact is made with the School office on the first day of absence by the start of school. If contact is not made the School will make direct contact with parents/carers. If direct contact cannot be made, the matter may be referred to the Education Welfare Office. This is to ensure that all children, absent from School, are accounted for and safe. As the mornings can be extremely busy in school we have a telephone system which allows you to leave a message to report your child absent.

Click here to read the Government of Jersey attendance policy. 


Please complete the 'Leave Request' form on the "Contact us" tab to request a student's absence.  Alternatively you can  submit a paper copy of this form available from the school office.

It is ESC policy that children should attend school unless they are unwell or if the absence is unavoidable through circumstances beyond the family’s control. Current guidance states that leave will not be granted unless there are exceptional circumstances which might justify authorisation. In order to obtain permission parents are reminded that:

  1. Adequate notice is required for applications to be processed.
  2. Holiday bookings should not be confirmed prior to gaining approval.
  3. All applications should be made in writing, on the form above, to the Headteacher.


The Education Department does not support (holiday) leave during term time.

You do not have the automatic right to withdraw your child from school. You must request permission in advance from your school's head teacher. You must make a strong case to justify your head teacher's decision to allow your child to be away from school during term time.

Your child's absence from school will disrupt the continuity of their learning.

Schools are required to report attendance figures which are carefully monitored. A child’s absence during term time can seriously disrupt their continuity of learning with the consequent risk of underachievement. You will therefore understand the careful consideration we need to give these requests.