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Welcome to Reception

Teacher: Miss Emily Marriott


A little bit about Reception

In Reception we aim to build upon the children’s previous experiences, knowledge and skills. We place an emphasis on creating a caring, stimulating and challenging environment; one which values every child as an individual and celebrates their achievements.

The curriculum is delivered through a range of carefully planned activities where children will become observers, explorers and communicators.

Reading and writing is taught in small focus groups, allowing all children to access the learning intention at their level.

The teacher and support staff work very closely to ensure all children are progressing.

Observations are carried out daily, with formal observations taking place termly. This will allow the teacher to adapt the planning to ensure all children are accessing the curriculum and making the best progress they can.

The relationship between school and parents is established early in the Autumn term and continues to grow throughout the year. This is really important for the well being and development of each individual child.

We hope your child is happy and safe in Reception at St Luke's. Please talk to any member of staff if you have any problems or concerns.

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