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St Luke's School

St Luke's School

Home Learning following school closure

Please have a look at the side bar on the right hand side of this box to find home learning tasks for Year One. They are organised according to the week of learning that we are in. 

If the school has to shut for extreme weather (snow for example) or other unforeseen reasons, the children can continue their learning with these activities.

Please note that we are currently providing home learning via the Seesaw app/website - activities and feedback will be provided from Seesaw and wont necessarily be updated from here.  Please email your class teacher or if you are having difficulty with the Seesaw app.  Also please inform your class teacher if you need to update or add your current email address as we are currently using the information you provided on your most recent school data form.  Many thanks.

There are additional websites that are allowing free access - a full list is available on our "News" section. ;

Online links:

BBC Bitesize - this has videos and educational TV shows - the schedule is available at:

The National OAK Academy - This is a series of online lessons (for Reception to Year 6) with video tutorials from class teachers from UK schools and activities.  Your child's class teacher may ask your child to complete set lessons or ask that you follow the schedule for the week - class teachers will let you know via their weekly email/phone call.